Grab A Cup Of Joe From These Coffee Shops

Female Barista making a drink

Are you in a bit of a coffee rut? You love the hot stuff, but after drinking the same type of coffee day in and day out, you need a change. You can explore a variety of delicious coffee flavors right here in Roanoke. Check out the top spots to grab a coffee in Roanoke, and add them to your must-visit list.

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

For many people, Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea is the go-to spot for coffee. It opened in 1990 and quickly developed a following that grows stronger by the year. The staff roasts the beans in-house and offers blends from around the world, turning each visit into a global coffee tour. Whether you go to the Starkey Road or downtown Roanoke location, you’re in for a caffeinated treat.

Chris’s Coffee and Custard

Chris’s Coffee and Custard is a new coffee house in Southeast Roanoke, opening its doors in 2021. It might be relatively new, but it’s already developed a reputation for serving delicious coffee and creamy custard. Plus, it’s the most exciting place to get coffee, thanks to the Selfieccino. Here’s how it works. You upload a picture for the employees to use, turning your image into latte art. It doesn’t get more unique than that.

Morning Brew Coffee Company

If you find yourself visiting the Taubman Museum of Art, be sure to stop by Morning Brew Coffee Company. Oh, and if you want caffeine without the art, you don’t have to pay for admission to grab a cup of the hot stuff, so no worries. The coffee shop proudly serves Grit Coffee, and you have lots of choices. Grit Coffee is roasted in Richmond and Charlottesville, and it’s a fantastic introduction to the local roasting scene.

Sweet Donkey Coffee House

Sweet Donkey Coffee House in South Roanoke delivers when it comes to beverages and atmosphere. First, let’s start with the coffee. This shop specializes in bringing out the unique and delicious flavors in the coffee it serves. From hints of chocolate to tasty raspberry flavors, you’ll find yourself becoming quite the coffee connoisseur here. And on top of that, you’ll want to hang out for a while due to the incredible atmosphere. Instead of a regular coffee shop, it looks and feels like someone’s home. The coffee house is cozy, with a lovely patio area that’s ideal for sipping and commenting on the flavors.

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Cello Coffee House and Café

If you’re in the mood for Turkish Coffee, Cello Coffee House and Café in Downtown Roanoke has you covered. After grounding the roasted Brazilian beans, the team adds a cardamom spice to create a unique Turkish coffee flavor. The menu is full of wonderful choices, including the creamy Turkish Nutella latte. Oh, and since this is also a Mediterranean cafe, you can get a bite to eat when visiting.

It’s hard to say which of these coffee houses is the best. They all excel in numerous areas, so be sure to try them all. Then you can see if one comes out as a winner during your coffee tour of Roanoke.

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