Grab A Bite To Eat At Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill

Delicious Tagliata Steak on granite board

The next time you want a night out or need a place to find a filling lunch or dinner, one place should stand out. Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill has mouthwatering food and a wide variety of choices on its large menu. If you’re in the mood for some American-food classics, this is the place to come. There’s undoubtedly something for anyone in your party to try and enjoy. You’ll love it so much that you’ll want to go back repeatedly.

What to Know First

Plan on visiting Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill for any occasion. It’s open for lunch or dinner. Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill has a location at 1650 Braeburn Dr. in Salem, VA. In addition, there is a location at 2843 Orange Ave. in Roanoke, VA. Both restaurants are open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, the hours are slightly different on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can come by on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

A Steak Lover’s Dream

If steaks are your thing, then you won’t leave Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill feeling disappointed. There is no shortage of options here, no matter your preferences. Firstly, taste the sirloins, which come in the 8-ounce Roadhouse Special cut for $15.99, or the 6-ounce Orange Avenue Sirloin for $13.99. Plus, you can try out Lily’s Choice Filet Mignon. An 8-ounce Ladie’s Cut is $26.49, while a smaller 6-ounce petit size is $23.49. Other popular steaks here are the 12-ounce New York Strip, the 8-ounce New York Strip, the 12-ounce marinated ribeye, and the 12-ounce Fresh-Chopped Steak.

Go for the Seafood

Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill is also famous for its excellent seafood. Aarons Crab Cakes are just $17.49, while the Seafood Platter is $18.99. The platter includes a hefty portion of fried cod, shrimp, and a lump crab cake. It also comes with French fries and Coleslaw. Moreover, you can order fresh salmon, coconut fried shrimp, and the Friday Fish Fry. The latter is $12.99 and comes with Iceland cod, French fries, and Coleslaw.

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Other Can’t-miss Dishes

There’s plenty more to love here, so explore the entire menu before choosing. Consider the homemade pot roast, chicken tender skillet, Judge Roy’s chicken, or the country fried chicken. Moreover, pan-fried tenderloins and fresh chicken tenderloins are popular. However, if you prefer burgers and sandwiches, you can count on excellent choices at Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill. Plus, there are plenty of side dishes, not to mention drinks and desserts.

Dinner and lunch have never been better than at Jersey Lily’s Roadhouse Grill. You won’t leave hungry, and you certainly won’t leave feeling anything less than impressed.

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