Get Moving With These At-Home Active Tips

Woman Doing Home Fitness Exercises With Her Dog

Working out at home can seem intimidating and difficult, but there are plenty of home workouts to keep you active and motivated all from the comforts of home. Try one of these home workout ideas to shake up your current routine or help start a new one!

1. Squat And Don’t Stop

This squat workout starts with ten regular squats followed by ten jump squats, ten knee-to-chest jumps, and ten tip-toe squats. You’ll repeat this circuit with nine reps, seven reps, eight reps, etc. until you get down to one. In total, you’ll perform 45 reps of each move with this intense workout.

2. Pyramid Of 15

First, complete one press-up, then walk forward about 16 feet. Do two press-ups, then walk back to your original spot and do three press-ups, continuing back and forth between the two spots until you reach 15 press-ups. This tough workout is definitely more fun with a partner – start facing each other and complete one press-up, swapping spots after each rep.

3. Cardio Blitz

Looking to get your heart rate pumping? Look no further than this home workout. Start this cardio blitz with mountain climbers for one minute, then run about 20 yards and do 10 burpees. Run back to your starting point and do another minute of mountain climbers, then run 20 yards again and do nine burpees. Continue this pattern until you’re down to just one burpee.

4. Bar-barian

If you have a pull-up bar in your home or in a local park, you can complete this workout. Start by hanging on the pull-up bar ina chin-up position (palms facing you) and complete three chin-ups. Next, release your left hand from the bar and change your grip so that your left hand is facing away from you. Now, complete three more reps. Change the grip on your right hand to face away from you (both palms should now be facing away) and do three more reps. Face your left palm towards you again with three more reps, and finish by returning to the original chin-up position for three more reps.

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5. Music Medley Mayhem

Put on your favorite song and start squatting for this intense leg-day workout. When the chorus hits, hold the bottom of the squat position until the chorus is over, then begin squatting again when the verse comes back in. Keep repeating this pattern until the song ends.

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