How the Volvo XC60 Redefines Safety

Volvo XC60 LynchburgCheck out the new Volvo XC60 to see new features, like Trailer Stability Control, City Safety, and a more-developed DSTC system, along with the best safety system yet. Volvo offers every single one of the safety and accident-prevention features on the XC60, making it the safest Volvo to ever be made. The trick to creating this incredibly safe vehicle was using five different phases, each of which led to more developments and enhancements to safety solutions.

Phase One

The very first safety phase helps avoid critical situations. This includes things like Driver Alert Control, which lets you know if you seem inattentive or tired; Adaptive Cruise Control; Distance Alert, so you don’t get too close to the vehicle in front of you; the Intelligent Driver Information System; the Blind Spot Information System; and the Park Assist Cameras. The active bi-xenon lights and tire pressure monitoring system are also in this phase.

Phase Two

Phase two steps into play if a critical situation is about to happen, like you driving too quickly behind another vehicle or if you are about to skid. This is when things like Trailer Stability Assist, Collision Warning, Roll Stability Control, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, and Lane Departure Warning come into play.

Phase Three

Phase three safety takes center stage if a collision is going to happen in the near future, such as requiring severe braking. Collision Warning with Auto Brake helps in this phase, as does the City Safety feature, which operates at low speeds.

Phase Four

This is when the accident actually occurs and the autobrake function reduces your speed to minimize the impact. The crumple zones absorb energy, the front absorbs energy to protect pedestrians, and the airbags protect you. Just a few other features in this phase include the three-point seatbelts and Whiplash Protection System.

Phase Five

This phase is after the crash. It refers to how Volvo has collected data about accidents throughout the years and continues to do so. This information allows the automaker to reconstruct events and figure out which safety features will do the most good.

The team at Volvo of Lynchburg can get you behind the wheel of the XC60 so you can enjoy the safest Volvo ever on your drives around Lynchburg, Virginia.

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