Ideas To Repurpose That Old Bookshelf

White nursery room with shelves and colourful boxes. Conceptual symbol of the preschool, kindergarten or child's cabinet.

DIY projects are a fun way to repurpose things you already have and create something new and useful. You might have an old bookshelf or two lying around. And if you don’t, it’s an easy item to pick up secondhand. Let your creative juices flow and make something great with these ideas for remaking your old bookcase.

A Cute Nursery Closet

A bookcase can make a great nursery closet if you don’t have space or need your closet for other things. First, stain or paint the bookcase to match other furniture in the nursery. Then, you can adjust the shelves and add a few closet hanging rods. Because baby clothes are so small, you could hang two rows if you choose a tall bookcase. Last, place baskets at the bottom for tiny baby socks and shoes.

From Bookcase to Play Barn…

A bookcase with chipped paint or nicks can get a new life as a beloved toy barn. In fact, a few coats of paint and some wood for the “roof” can make a stuffed animal corral. In addition, you can make your barn any color you like. You can use the scrap wood to make a barn roof or skip it and use your paint skills. Then, add a few strips of wood across the bottom shelf to create a barn gate.

…Or Make a Cool Kitchen

A short bookcase is perfect for transforming into a play kitchen. And you can accomplish this project with scraps and a little paint. Paint the top of the bookcase to look like a stovetop. Then, you can add shelves to store play kitchen items. In addition, you can add scrap wood with a few simple hinges to create an oven or microwave. With some silver paint, a faux window, and a handle, your kids will imagine culinary masterpieces.

The Bookcase Bench

Do you have a tall and narrow bookcase? Try turning it on its side. In fact, you can convert this type of bookcase into a reading area. Of course, you want to ensure that the bookcase is sturdy enough to sit on. Then, cut a piece of foam in the length and width of the bookshelf side. Cover the foam with lovely fabric, then store the books on the shelves beneath. Finally, you can jazz it up with molding scraps and adding a coat of paint.

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From Bookshelf to Sandbox

To make an old bookshelf sandbox-ready, you’ll want to ensure it’s relatively sturdy. Then, give it a few coats of outdoor paint or sealant. Then, set it up for sandbox fun. For instance, place one shelf off-center. The larger area will hold the sand, and the smaller area will work as a place to stow toys.

What can you make with an old bookshelf? Whatever you can imagine!

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