Keep Your Lawn In Tip-Top Shape With These Tips

Mowing the lawn

It’s easy to assume that you won’t have to think about your lawn that much when summer finally comes to an end. After all, that’s when you’re outside and looking at it most of the time. But did you know that the cooler weather in fall helps your grass grow and develop strong roots? That’s why it’s such a critical time to make sure you’re taking good care of your lawn. If you’re wondering what you should be doing for your grass at this time of the year, check out these helpful tips that will help you make your lawn look it’s absolute best.

Keep Mowing Your Grass

Sorry, but you’re not getting out of this chore so easily. Grass doesn’t stop growing until it frosts over for the first time in the winter. Until then, you should keep mowing it. This will make sure it gets off to the best start once spring finally comes around again.

Water When Your Grass Needs It

You probably already know that you don’t have to give your lawn as much water in the fall. That’s because it’s not as hot out, so the soil can retain moisture for longer. In addition, the sun isn’t as intense, and the days are shorter. However, that doesn’t mean your lawn doesn’t need water at all. Keep watering it until the first frost, but only do it when it needs it.

Apply a Fertilizer

This is an excellent time for you to add a nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. This will encourage growth and give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow back strong and healthy once it’s finally spring again. You’ll be amazed at what a big difference a good fertilizer can make on the health of your lawn.

Seed to Fill in Bare Spots

Were there bare spots in your lawn that bothered you all summer long? Now is the perfect time to fix that. You should seed in the areas where you don’t have enough grass and watch it grow back tall and robust next summer.

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Don’t Forget About Pest Control

Letting pests take over your lawn can spell destruction for your grass, so it’s essential to keep on top of your pest control schedule. Remember, pests can still be a problem well into the fall months, so don’t assume that this is something you can put off until the summer.

Implement a few of these tips this fall, and your lawn is going to look fantastic by next spring and summer!