Life Is Sweeter With A Treat From Champloo Desserts

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Khanh, proprietor of Champloo Desserts, grew up craving treats from Southeast Asia, but finding a place that offered such desserts were few and far between in the Roanoke area. After growing up and studying business, the desire to share sweets from his Asian heritage stayed with Khanh. In November 2016, Khanh and some of his buddies opened their first Champloo Desserts location. Their second location opened just a year later in Roanoke at the Tanglewood Mall. At Champloo Desserts, Khanh provides customers with delectable Asian-inspired sweets like rolled ice cream and boba tea.

Create Your Own Ice Cream

At Champloo Desserts, there are several ice cream flavors that you can pick from such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, mango, and peach. With these plain ice cream flavors, you can add mix-ins and toppings like candy, fruits, and nuts as well as syrup to make your own ice cream. Champloo Desserts, however, does have its own unique signature flavors.

Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

If you are a fan of fruit flavors, then you will enjoy Champloo original flavors like Pink Panther. This flavor offers vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries mixed in. The entire thing is covered with whipped cream and more fresh strawberries as well as strawberry syrup. Or you could opt for the Peach Cobbler flavor that has both peaches and graham crackers combined into vanilla ice cream with toppings of whipped cream, peach glaze, and graham crackers.

Non-Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

For those who are more of a fan of candy than fruit, you may want to select flavors such as the Mint Everest or Rocky Road. Cereal lovers will appreciate options such as Cinnamon Rolls or Breakfast flavors that incorporate Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles respectively. Other flavors you will want to try at Champloo Desserts, include Thai Tea, Taro, and Green Tea.

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Boba Teas

Of course, after you indulge in some rolled ice cream, you may want something to wash it down. You should really try one of Champloo Desserts’ boba teas. Marvel fans will appreciate the Thanos and Gamora drinks. The Thanos tea is a taro flavored tea with a splash of blueberry pomegranate and blueberry pearls. If you opt for the Gamora drink, then you get a green tea with strawberry puree and strawberry pearls. Other flavors you may enjoy include Breezy Rose, Pretty in Pink, Thaifoon, and the Boba Fett.

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