Local Roots Is the Hottest Date Night Spot In Roanoke

Braised Boneless Short Rib with Black Truffle Au jus

Are you in charge of finding a place for date night, but you’re at a loss? It’s a big decision, and the wrong choice can turn a promising date into a disaster. Fortunately, you can divert the disaster and score major points by securing reservations at Local Roots in Roanoke, VA. The farm-to-table restaurant checks every box necessary for a successful date. Check out why couples love Local Roots, and then you’ll be ready to make reservations.

Award-Winning Restaurant in All the Best Categories

First, it’s worth noting that the hype surrounding Local Roots isn’t only based on word-of-mouth, although the positive chatter is important. It also has to do with all the awards and accolades the eatery has racked up.

For starters, “Roanoker Magazine” readers voted it the “Best Overall Restaurant” and “Best Staff” from 2016 to 2021. And since the 2022 winners have yet to be announced, it very well could keep the streak going.

The local attention is one thing, but it’s even getting noticed nationally. For instance, USA Today included it in its top 10 list of slow food restaurants, which is a huge deal.

That’s not all the awards and accolades, but you get the idea. It’s regularly recognized as one of the best, if not the best, restaurants. Since you want the best for your date, going here makes sense.

Cozy Fine Dining

As a fine dining restaurant, it’s easy to understand why couples flock to Local Roots. However, it doesn’t have that stuffy, uptight feel that comes with most eateries in this class. Instead, the interior is cozy and romantic without being off-putting. Sure, there are elegant touches, but you won’t be afraid to put your elbows or napkins on the table. Think of it as fine dining without judgment. You want a level of comfort when going out on a date, and Local Roots delivers.

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Entrees for Special Occasions

Finally, Local Roots serves the kind of food you want when trying to impress your date. The chef infuses fresh ingredients that make these opulent dishes stand out even more. Just think of starting the evening with oysters on the half shell, following that up with an artisanal cheese plate, and finishing with NY strip or roasted poulet rouge. Now, that’s the kind of food you want to share with someone special.

The list could go on with other reasons couples dine here. For example, you can’t forget the stellar service or creative desserts, not to mention the ever-changing menu. But keep in mind that you and your date aren’t the only ones thinking about a meal at Local Roots. Other couples are eyeing it, too, so grab your reservations to ensure you score a table.

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