Pack Like A Pro With This Summer Vacation Packing List

suitcase packed for vacation

No one wants to plan a vacation, wait (im)patiently for go-time, and then arrive missing essential items that never got packed. While your packing mistake might only be a slight pain, forgetting some things could damper your good times. Fortunately, there are some tools you can use to help avoid this irritating issue. Pack like a pro using a summer vacation packing list and arrive with everything you need.

What to Wear

Avoid arriving at your destination with all shorts and no shirts, half the underwear you need, and mismatched socks. Go through a clothing checklist and determine if the clothing item applies to your trip. Then think about how many of that item you’ll need. For example, you wouldn’t want to take up valuable suitcase space with seven pairs of socks if you’re wearing sandals to stroll along the beach. Going through your clothing checklist will ensure you have room for the things you need and don’t have to lug around the things you don’t.

Packing Your Carry-on

If you’re flying, you will probably bring a carry-on bag onto the plane. You might diligently go through your packing list and include everything you need, but if you put it into the wrong bag, it can quickly become a problem. Use your carry-on to pack things you might need to get to quickly, such as identification, tickets, or medication.

Take the Toiletries You Need

When you’ve arrived at your vacation destination, you probably don’t want to rush to a store for basic items immediately. Many locations may not even have the things you prefer or need readily available. Check off the toiletry items you need for the place you’re visiting as you pack them. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that the liquid items you bring comply with TSA requirements. Thus, skip toting the full-size shampoo bottle to the airport.

Maximize Your Suitcase Space

Whether your trip is for two days or two weeks, nobody likes hauling around half a dozen bags full of things you might never wear. In addition, traveling with several suitcases can be very costly. Pack smart by including items that can do double- or triple-duty. For example, darker-colored slacks and pants can handle several wears before needing a wash. And sticking to a neutral color palette can allow you to mix and match outfits more easily.

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Your Vacation, Your List

Finally, remember that a general list is likely to contain items that aren’t relevant to your vacation. Cross off things you wouldn’t need so you can focus on the items you need. Other factors to consider on your trip include whether you can wash clothes, will go hiking or relax poolside, and how long you’ll be gone. Keeping track of everything with a list can help you stay organized throughout the excitement. Bon voyage!

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