Explore the All-New 2019 Infiniti QX50

infiniti qx50
What if you could have the size of a crossover, the power of a sports car, and the eco-friendliness of a fuel-efficient vehicle? Well, when you opt for the all-new 2019 Infiniti QX50, you can. This vehicle is perfect for daily drives in and around Roanoke, Virginia, as well as... [read more]

The Craft and Vendor Show Hits the Berglund Center

Craft and Vendor Show
The Craft and Vendor Show is coming to the Berglund Center, and it’s going to be a blast. You’ll get to see some of the coolest crafts and pieces of artwork around. You might even be able to buy something, so you can take it home with you. The show... [read more]

BBQ & Blues at The Sedalia Center

BBQ & Blues
You love music, and you love food. But both are even better when you combine them. That’s why you need to check out BBQ & Blues at the Sedalia Center. This event is taking place on Saturday, April 28. Before that date arrives, learn about the details so you can... [read more]

The 67th Annual Ernest “Pig” Robertson Fishing Rodeo

Kids fishing rodeo
People in Salem, Virginia, love to fish. That’s why they celebrate the 67th Annual Ernest “Pig” Robertson Fishing Rodeo. This isn’t like any old rodeo. Instead of rounding up cattle, you can round up some trout at Lake Spring Park. It’s a beautiful area that’s perfect for getting some of... [read more]

Spend a Saturday at the Lynchburg Community Market

Lynchburg Community Market
You can always go to your local grocery store. But if you want high-quality meat, produce, and other goods, the Lynchburg Community Market is the place to go. But it’s more than just a farmers market. There are always a ton of vendors there that are selling unique and interesting... [read more]

Don’t Miss Professional Bull Riders in Roanoke

Bull Riders
Bull riding brings you back to the Old West when there were cowboys running around. But now, there are the Professional Bull Riders, also known as PBRs. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to bull riding, and they want you to come watch them show what... [read more]

Enjoy Some Indoor Fun at River Rock Climbing

River Rock Climbing
Sometimes, going to the gym seems pretty boring. You don’t want to run on a treadmill or lift weights for hours, and that’s understandable. But did you know that you could get fit and have fun in a totally exciting, engaging way? Well, you can when you go to River... [read more]

Have You Been to the Virginia Museum of Transportation Lately?

Transportation Museum
Want to see locomotives, railcars, automobiles, models of historic sailing ships, and more in one spot? You just need to go to the Virginia Museum of Transportation. The museum has 2,500 artifacts in all, 50 of which are rolling stock. The curators have done an excellent job of preserving the... [read more]

For Family Fun, Visit the Science Museum of Western Virginia

Science Museum of Western Virginia
Parenting is hard work, and not just because you have to feed, clothe, and house your kids. You also have to entertain them. Some parents would say that’s the hardest part of the entire gig. One boring day, and your children act as if they’ve been tortured. That means you... [read more]

Discover the Best of Blue Ridge Cuisine with Roanoke Food Tours

Roanoke Food Tours
You don’t have to spend long in Virginia to realize the Blue Ridge region has some tempting food. You know the food is great, but you’ve yet to discover the best the state has to offer. It’s time to change that by taking a Blue Ridge food tour. These guided... [read more]