Plan for a Day of Fun at the 8th Wine and Unwind Festival

Drive your Ford to the 8th Wine and Unwind Festival, a Salem tradition that is perfect for wine lovers and those who just want to settle back and relax. This annual festival is always a hit, featuring plenty of delicious wines from local vineyards.

Take Your Ford to Wine and Unwind

What to Expect

Last year’s event took place at the Salem Civic Center, giving guests views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while enjoying their wine. It features stands from 10 different Virginia wineries along with numerous vendors. You can expect a similar setup for this year’s event, although details are still limited. It will take place on Oct. 9, once again at the Salem Civic Center. It will run between noon and 5 p.m., and you can also expect dancing, live music, and great food to accompany the wine. If you don’t like wine, there will also be craft beer this year.

Stay Safe

As with any festival involving alcohol, safety is very important. Don’t overindulge in your samplings if you plan on driving home. The best option is to pick a designated driver for your group so that person can stay in control. Remember to intersperse your wine or craft beer tastings with food, as well.

Take Your Ford to Wine and Unwind

Get ready for this year’s Wine and Unwind Festival by getting a Ford with great safety features at Berglund Ford and Berglund of Bedford. We can help you choose a model that will take you and your friends to the event in style.


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