Say Goodbye To The Packed Sandwiches For Lunch

Healthy and nutritious lunch or snack boxes to go with hummus and pita, eggs and vegetables

Packed lunches are often the norm whether you work or send the little ones off to school each day. But although sandwiches are often the go-to option, they can get a bit boring. However, there are so many different ways you can jazz up your boxed lunch. Say goodbye to the packed sandwich for lunch and hello to big flavor.

Stick It to You

Keep your hands clean and make your food fun with sticks. For example, you could cut cool shapes and make a fruit skewer. Or, grill some extra meat kebabs over the weekend and include them. In addition, grilled veggies are a treat, and your favorite cheese works well too. Finally, don’t forget to have a few sauce options for dipping.

Roll With It

A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, spring rolls are a great way to include fresh veggies in your lunch. Also, you can customize your spring rolls to include whatever protein and veggie choices you prefer. Craft the rice paper kind of spring roll, or choose a wrapper that you can fry up ahead of time. And you can also make dessert spring rolls with sweet fruit filling.

Use Your Noodle

Instead of packing something like spaghetti that you need to heat up, try making a cold noodle salad. First, choose a light noodle like rice noodles. Then, chop the protein and veggies you like, but store them in a separate container. Don’t forget to include a yummy sauce to mix in. Stay with the cool and crisp theme by adding some snap peas or sweet carrots for a packed lunch side.

Dip It Good

The key to packing a dip lunch that’s filling is to choose a protein-rich dip and fiber-rich veggies. For instance, hummus is an excellent dip choice to help fill you up. And so many things taste great dipped in hummus, including carrots, celery, and even fresh green beans. Get creative! To make your lunch a little fancier, bring a small amount of several savory dips. Or, whip up a sweet dessert dip for your fresh fruit.

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Break Your Fast

There’s no law that says you can’t bring your breakfast for lunch. And so many breakfast foods are perfect for the lunch box. For example, cook up some silver dollar-sized pancakes. Also, you can boil an egg or two. Of course, bacon works great in the lunch box. Add a yogurt tube and cut fresh fruit for a tasty breakfast on the go.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to your packed lunch. Whether you’re packing for yourself or your kiddo, you can make it nutritious and fun. All it takes is a little creativity and planning, and you’ll open up a smile at every lunchtime.

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