Spread Holiday Cheer With These Decoration Ideas

Cozy living room winter interior with fireplace

Do you want to add some extra cheer to your house this season? You can do just that with some decorations. Instead of shelling out lots of money on pre-made décor, you can make everything yourself. Check out some easy holiday decorating ideas that you can whip together in an instant.

Greet Guests With a Festive Entry Table

If you have a table by your entryway, dress it up to get everyone into the holiday spirit as soon as they enter your home. There are so many possibilities, so you can let your creativity run wild. However, if you aren’t sure what direction to go, consider getting some white ice skates and decorating them with red pom-poms. You can place some evergreens on top of the skates and add a few cute holiday-themed figurines to the table. Oh, and twigs inside of an apothecary jar can serve as an accent piece.

Turn Scrapbooking Paper Into a Tabletop Display

You can keep the festive mood going by turning holiday-themed scrapbooking paper into tree cones for your tabletop. Start by cutting papers into different sizes. Then fold the paper into cones, using double-sided tape to secure the seams. Once you finish, you’ll have various sizes of trees to add to the table.

Place Sprigs of Evergreen in Plain Glass Vases

You can also celebrate the season by placing sprigs of evergreen in clear white vases. This is simple to do, but it sets the scene for the holidays. The bright green sprigs might not be able to speak, but it still feels like each branch is saying, “Happy Holidays.”

Turn String Lights and a Wreath Form Into an Accent Piece

Accent pieces are essential when decorating your house. You can make your own with a metal wreath form and string lights. Once you have your supplies, wrap the lights around the wreath form and hang it on the wall. This accent piece is sure to grab people’s attention every time they walk by it.

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Turn Ornaments Into a Centerpiece

Do you have a collection of ball ornaments in solid colors that didn’t make it onto the tree this year? You can repurpose them by turning them into a centerpiece. First, choose ornaments of various colors and put them inside a clear glass vase. Then, put the vase on a silver serving tray, and surround it with additional ornaments. Finally, sprinkle coconut or artificial snow on top, and complete the look by wrapping the vase in a ribbon.

While these decorations don’t’ take long to make, they are full of holiday cheer. Plus, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment by making your own instead of buying décor. That happy feeling will make the holidays even more fun this year.

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