The Best Swimming Pool Games For You And Your Family To Play This Summer

Friends playing volleyball in a pool.

Have you been enjoying lots of pool time this summer? At first, you loved lounging in the water, but now, you need to add some fun into the mix. Check out these pool games that will turn your next swim into a fun adventure.

Challenge Your Family to Cornhole

If you think playing cornhole is fun on dry land, wait until you try it in the water. You need a floating cornhole set to start playing. Right now, the Airhead LOB THE BLOB Cornhole Game is one of the top choices on the market. The inflatable cornhole board comes with floating bags for you to toss into the hole. Get ready to take on your family and friends to see who will become the aquatic cornhole champion of the summer.

Show Off Your Paddle Ball Skills

Paddleball is yet another game that is even more fun in the water. You don’t even have to set up a net to play a game. Instead, get the Poolmaster Smash ‘n’ Splash Water Paddle Ball Swimming Pool Game for endless fun. The set comes with springy rackets and waterproof balls that fly through the air, so you can spread out and play. See how many times you can hit the ball back and forth before it hits the water. Then pick the ball up and start again. It might sound basic, but it’s a blast.

Get Wild With a Game of Volleyball

Beach volleyball is popular, but what about pool volleyball? Without the sand to slow you down, you can fly to the ball and make some insane shots. JOYIN’s Inflatable Pool Set has everything you need for a volleyball match. Set up the net, pick teams, and then mow down the competition. Oh, and this set also has an inflatable basketball hoop, so you can take some shots if your volleyball game isn’t quite up to snuff.

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Take Aquatic Basketball to the Next Level With a Hoop

If you’re serious about basketball, an inflatable hoop won’t do. You want the real deal so you can showcase your skills to your friends and family. You can secure the GoSports Slash Hoop PRO poolside, giving you a stable target for playing. Then move around the water, taking shots from different angles. After warming up, challenge your family to a game of HORSE, or try some one-on-one.

It doesn’t take much work to set up these games, and they’re ideal for all ages. You can even play some of the games by yourself. Whether you go solo or play with others, you’ll have an amazing time in the pool this summer when playing these games. You’ll have so much fun that you might avoid dry land this summer.