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Big Lick Comic Con

Big Lick Comic Con
Do you love everything pop culture? From the Marvel movies to the Walking Dead and more, if you are like many people in the Roanoke, Virginia, area, you love everything having to do with pop culture. Of course, you could always get your fix by staying in front of the... [read more]

Explore Dixie Caverns In Salem, VA

Dixie Caverns
You may spend a lot of your time hiking, camping, or out on the water. These are all great ways of exploring all that nature has to offer. After all, Virginia is a beautiful state, and there is so much to see and do in the local area. However, chances... [read more]

Have Some Fun At Amazement Square

Amazement Square
Every year, the kids can’t wait to get out of school so they can enjoy summer to the fullest. But about a week in, and they’re already going stir crazy. You’ve probably already taken them to the pool several times, and you may be looking for new activities you can... [read more]

Party In The Park At Elmwood

Who said that you have to wait to party until Friday night? Get your weekend started early when you come out to Party in Elmwood in Downtown Roanoke. This is the perfect way to meet up with friends new and old while meeting new people in your community, munching on... [read more]

Star City Motor Madness 2019

Star City Motor Madness
Are you a car enthusiast in the Virginia or Mid-Atlantic region? There's a really great event coming up that's made just for you! During Star City Motor Madness, an annual celebration of automotive history in all its glory, car aficionados will gather to share their mutual love of classic cars, trucks,... [read more]

Peter Rabbit At Mill Mountain Theatre

Mill Mountain Theatre
It’s important to introduce your children to the theater while they’re young if you truly want them to understand and enjoy it. However, you may have a hard time finding performances that are age-appropriate for them. That’s why you’re definitely going to want to come out to Mill Mountain Theatre... [read more]

Have Some Fun At Center In The Square

Center In The Square
Have you checked out the coolest place in the city yet? If you haven’t yet been to Center in the Square, you are going to want to check it out as soon as possible. This place is a home for the best artistic and cultural organizations in the region. Together,... [read more]

Grab Tickets For Comedy Recording Artist “Weird Al” Yankovic

Weird Al
Throughout the summer months, chances are you and your friends are constantly looking for a new adventure or two. If you live in Virginia, you know that adventure is the name of the game. From outdoor fun to concerts and everything in between, there’s plenty to see and do. For... [read more]

Center In The Square Aquariums

Center In The Square Aquariums
Growing up, we each have different things about life we enjoy. Whether we’re interested in anything with wheels, the solar system, electronics and gadgets, or even animals, our small minds can find fun and excitement with anything. For children who are interested in animals, particularly sea life, they’ll have a... [read more]