Try Out These 10 DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall Decoration Adorns Beautiful Entry Way To Home

Are you hesitant about making your wreath because it’s hard work? If so, you’re in luck. These 10 DIY fall wreaths are so easy to make you can complete the project in minutes. Check out the details and whip one up today.

1.      Shaker Peg Wreath

You’ll make quite an impression when you hang this Shaker Peg Wreath on your front door. Start with a 12-inch biodegradable floral craft ring. Then use hot glue to attach 2-7/8-inch shaker pegs around it. Finish it off by wrapping floral wire around the top to hang it.

2.      Loads of Fall Foliage

Show your neighbors you have the autumn spirit with the Loads of Fall Foliage Wreath. An olive branch wreath will act as the base, and you’ll add layers of leaves and dried wheat.

3.      Pecan Wreath

This Pecan Wreath is simple to make, but it’s a big statement piece. This time, you’ll need a foam wreath form. Then use hot glue to attach in-shell pecans to it.

4.      Corn Husk Wreath

A Corn Husk Wreath is the ideal autumn accessory. Use a flat-wire frame that’s 18-inches. Then hot glue corn husks and corn cobs to it. Alternate between the two to create the perfect fall wreath.

5.      Fall Fruit Wreath

Do you only have a couple of minutes to make a wreath? Then this Fall Fruit Wreath is the right choice. You’ll start with a grapevine wreath for the base. Then put some fake apples on the bottom to show off your autumn spirit. That is all you need to do before hanging it up.

6.      Rustic, Natural Wreath

This Rustic, Natural Wreath is also a breeze to make. First, you’ll need a rustic-style grapevine wreath. Then add some faux flowers to it, but don’t cover the entire wreath. Instead, cover the bottom and one side, leaving the right side free from flowers.

7.      Chili Pepper Wreath With Paper Flowers

Purchase or make some colorful paper flowers. Then use hot glue to add them to a chili pepper wreath. The pop of color will make your home even more inviting.

8.      DIY Candy Wreath

With trick-or-treating around the corner, why not celebrate with a DIY Candy Wreath? First, buy some candy in shades of yellow, orange, and magenta. Then wrap a white ribbon around a 14-inch foam wreath form, and use hot glue to attach the candy.

9.      Crow-Covered Wreath

If you want to frighten trick-or-treaters, make this Crow-Covered Wreath. Cover the grapevine wreath with black spray paint. Then place some cardboard crows on the wreath and attach them with black wire. Finally, use some gingham ribbon to hang the wreath.

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10. Flowers and Fruit Wreath

Can’t decide between flowers or fruit? You can have both with this Flowers and Fruit Wreath. Attach faux flowers and dried fruits to a grapevine wreath. Use hot glue to secure the flowers and fruit in place on the majority of the wreath, leaving the top bare.

It’s hard to believe that it’s this easy to make a wreath, but it truly is. Pick a project and throw one together today.

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