Why Roanoke Drivers Will Love Jaguar EliteCare

Jaguar EliteCare RoanokeWhen you get ready to buy a new Jaguar, you will notice that it is backed by EliteCare. This new program is perfect for drivers across the country as it gives you peace of mind and helps you save money after your initial purchase. EliteCare is just one of the many ways that Jaguar proves to its drivers that it truly cares about customer satisfaction and happiness. When you drive a Jaguar with EliteCare around Roanoke, you will get access to numerous benefits.

Best-in-Class Coverage

Buying a new Jaguar gives you the best-in-class coverage of 5 years or 60,000 miles. During this stretch of time, you get the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, along with roadside assistance, complimentary scheduled maintenance, and the Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect.

Roadside Assistance

If you need to take advantage of roadside assistance for some reason, EliteCare has your back. No matter where in the United States you are, you will get coverage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just make the call, and your car will be taken to your nearest Jaguar Authorized Retailer for service.

Scheduled Maintenance without Fees

Roanoke drivers will find it easier than ever to maintain their Jaguars thanks to the EliteCare program. Since you get complimentary scheduled maintenance, there is no reason to put off your regular visits to your service center. Just visit your Jaguar retailer and let the Jaguar-trained technicians take care of everything while using genuine parts.


Jaguar InControl Remote and Protect are unique services that make life easier. They let you get roadside assistance or remote start your vehicle with just a touch of a button. InControl uses your smartphone as well as your vehicle’s touchscreen so you can even double-check that your vehicle has fuel or make sure that your windows are closed and doors are locked if you are comfortable in bed or in the middle of an important meeting.

To start taking advantage of Jaguar EliteCare, visit Berglund Jaguar in Roanoke, Virginia, and buy any new model.

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