5 Tips For Conserving Energy In Your Home This Season

Couple With Woman With Prosthetic Arm Turning Down Heating Control In Kitchen Together

With the changing of seasons from summer to fall – and winter not too far off – it’s a good time to consider conserving energy. It’s always a good idea to consider ways to save money. Reducing how much energy you use doesn’t have to be complicated. You can take action this fall and reap the benefits. Moreover, you can remain comfortable in your home without making drastic sacrifices.

Let the Sun Come In

During the day, you should let the sun do its job. The sun’s rays can effectively warm your home on cool fall mornings. Thus, you don’t have to run your furnace as much and make it work too hard. In the morning, open the curtains or blinds of your south-facing windows. Leave this open through the morning and early afternoon. Then, by late afternoon, close them so you can keep out the cool air.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

This is a trick that a lot of people don’t think about. Homeowners with ceiling fans use these devices in the summer to cool down. However, if you reverse the direction of the fans from counterclockwise to clockwise, it has a different effect. Doing this will push warm air from the ceiling throughout the room. This technique will also distribute air from the vents all over the room.

Replace the Air Filter

A good rule is to replace your furnace and air conditioning filters monthly. This is an especially important task at the end of summer. Your system has been working hard all season. Therefore, the filters have trapped a lot of dust and other debris. If you fail to replace the filters when fall begins, the HVAC system will have to work extra hard, thus requiring more time and energy. Replacing the filters will also help prevent allergens from floating around your home.

Service the Furnace and Air Ducts

By the time autumn rolls around, your heating system will have been on a long break for the past handful of months. Now is a great time for a tune-up. Let a professional inspect your furnace to ensure it is ready to operate at peak efficiency over the fall and winter. You should also clean the air ducts, so airflow is optimal.

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Seal any Cracks

Lastly, when it comes to energy conservation, a draft house will not do well. If there are cracks in the windows and doors, air will escape. This will make your heating system work extra hard to keep the house warm. You can fix this by caulking the windows and placing weather stripping on the doors.

Have a more energy-efficient home this fall. Practice these tips starting today so you can be efficient and save money.

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