6 Items To Buy At The Next Farmers Market

Female farmer giving free apple samples to clients for food tasting

If you don’t regularly visit your farmers market, you’ll want to make that change; check out these items you must buy from your local farmers market according to the Delish. Your location will depend on the type of products readily available in your area, so not all groceries can be bought from the farmers market. The best plan is to stop by the farmers market for specific ingredients and then stock up on the rest at the store. Here are some of the best products that you should purchase at the local market. There are several benefits to purchasing fresh food from the farmers market, like improving your immune system.

Fresh Market Needs

  1. Honey – When you buy honey from the local farmers market, you’ll actually find that the honey is filled with a lot of natural flavors that come from pollen. When you purchase honey from the supermarket, it’s a blend of several types of honey that are processed until the honey is clear, but it lacks the natural flavors that come with homemade honey. Fresh honey also allows the pollen in the honey to act like an all-natural allergy medicine to prevent springtime sniffles.
  2. Bread – Bread is one of the many foods that will go bad in your kitchen, so many industrial bakeries will add preservatives to keep the bread lasting longer and sit on the store shelves for several days or weeks. When you buy bread at the farmers market, this bread is made within a day of being sold and has better flavor.
  3. Herbs – Your local supermarket may have a small selection of herbs that are typically past their prime and wilted. Farmers markets have a variety of herbs available that are freshly picked right before the market, so you’ll have a better pick of herbs in better condition than you would at the supermarket.
  4. Eggs – Farmers will feed their chickens nutrient-dense food, while industrial farms typically use low-cost commercial feed. Farm-raised chickens are free-range, so they have more opportunities to eat naturally growing greens and obtain more nutrients, which means that eggs available at your farmer’s market have more flavor.
  5. Jams – If you’re interested in fresh jam, purchase homemade jam from your local farmers market. These jams are made with homemade herbs and spices to supplement the natural fruit flavor.
  6. Mushrooms – Mushrooms bought at the farmers market are cultivated and grown in the local wilderness and are packed with flavor. You’ll also have a wider variety of mushrooms to choose from with new flavors and textures.

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Buy Fresh Food Today

Take your recipes to the next level with these fresh food options from your local farmers market. Your farmers market is filled with high-quality, seasonal produce. You’ll also be impressed by how reasonably priced products are; some are cheaper than when purchased in a supermarket. So when you’re ready to taste delicious fresh food, load your family into your vehicle and head to the fresh market. Some farmers markets also have treats, flowers, and homemade house goodies for your whole family. Each season and market is different, so stay aware of which products are in season.

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