Keep The Holiday Fun With These 6 Stocking Stuffers

Christmas stockings are hanging by the chimney

Do you do a great job on presents, but your stocking stuffers are hit and miss? You can wow your family this year with these cool stocking stuffers. In fact, these stocking stuffers will be such a hit that you might have to remind your family that they still need to open the presents under the tree.

1.      Tassel Keychain and Car Charger

If your family members constantly run the batteries out on their phones, they’ll love this tassel keychain with a phone charger. The tassels hide the USB port, so it looks like a regular keychain. However, the USB charger will be available anytime they need it. This gift is useful, fun and ensures that your family will never have to feel the pang of a dead cell phone again.

2.      Mini Easels

Do your family members love displaying cards, prints, and photos? If so, mini easels are fantastic stocking stuffers. The adorable easels are like works of art in their own right without taking away from the item being displayed. As a bonus, you don’t need to put nails on the walls when using mini easels.

3.      Guitar Picks Holder Case

Are you looking for gifts for a guitarist in your life? If so, a guitar picks holder case is the ideal stocking stuffer. You’ll benefit from this as well. Then, instead of finding guitar picks around the house, they’ll all be inside of the case.

4.      Bluetooth Banana Phones

You can bring some Christmas joy to your household with Bluetooth banana phones. The phones connect with Apple and Android devices. Once connected, your loved ones can use them to make phone calls. Even if they prefer texting, they’ll find themselves making calls with these fun phones.

5.      Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

There’s a good chance that at least some of your family members enjoy professional shampoos and scalp massages at the salon. You can bring the salon experience to them by adding this scalp massaging shampoo brush to their stockings. Then they can pamper themselves as often as they want.

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6.      Christmas Chocolate Bars

You’ve likely had some holiday cookies and cakes this season, but there’s always room for more sweet treats. With that in mind, your family will go wild over these Christmas chocolate bars. The gourmet chocolate bars are only available for a limited time, so grab them soon. Then you can treat your loved ones to an even tastier holiday season.

You’re sure to impress your loved ones when you add these gifts to their stockings. Then, instead of opening stockings full of afterthoughts, they’ll get enjoyable presents that they can use well into the new year.

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