6 Ways To Enjoy Leftover Turkey

Homemade turkey leftover sandwich with cranberry sauce

If you’re like most people, you probably have leftover turkey for days after Thanksgiving. Instead of eating the same meal over and over, check out these leftover turkey recipes. Then, you can try different meals as you work your way through your leftovers.

1.      Thanksgiving Sandwich

Are you looking for a tasty meal that doesn’t require cooking? If so, this turkey sandwich recipe must be calling your name. It has all the fixings, including mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. And then, of course, the main ingredient is the turkey. You’ll gobble this sandwich right up.

2.      Turkey Noodle Soup

Loading up on comfort food is always ideal during the chilly holiday season. As you know, soup is the ultimate comfort food, so give this turkey noodle soup recipe a try. If you make it, skip the water and use broth in place. Otherwise, it’ll be a little dry.

3.      Turkey Pot Pie

Forget about chicken pot pie this holiday season. Instead, go with this recipe for turkey pot pie for the ideal day-after-Thanksgiving meal. You’ll brush the crust with a heavy cream that enhances the flavor. Oh, and speaking of the crust, it’s as flaky as could be. That’s a must for a delicious pot pie, so you’re going to devour this meal.

4.      Thanksgiving in a Blanket

If you think pigs in a blanket are good, just wait until you try Thanksgiving in a blanket. You’ll pack turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and other holiday goodies into crescent rolls. Be sure to warm up some gravy for dipping for the full experience.

5.      Turkey Enchiladas

Do you want to use your leftover turkey but don’t feel like reliving the Thanksgiving meal? This turkey enchiladas recipe is divine, and it is a huge departure from your holiday spread. The spicy, flavorful dish does require 25 minutes of prep time, but the results are on point. Oh, make sure that you use yellow corn enchiladas with the recipe. That’s what it calls for, but some people use whatever’s on hand. The corn enchiladas make a big difference, so don’t use a substitute.

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6.      Thanksgiving Egg Rolls

If you want to find the balance between unique flavors and a holiday dinner, you can’t beat this Thanksgiving egg rolls recipe. You’ll fill the egg rolls with turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and mashed potatoes. Then, you’ll dip them in leftover gravy. That might sound like a strange combination, but it’s absolutely delicious.

See, good eating doesn’t have to end when Thanksgiving is over. You can keep enjoying tasty foods when you make these recipes. Whether you want a simple sandwich or something more involved, you’ll find what you’re looking for with these options.

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