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Here’s What To Do With Your Turkey Day Leftovers

Herbed bread stuffing with celery, side dish recipe
Thanksgiving is a day when you probably have more food than at any time of the year. Therefore, chances are high that you’ll have some leftovers. Some people may let this food sit in the fridge for a few days and then forget about it. Other people throw it out... [read more]

Check Out These 2 Turkey Day Recipes

Maple Glazed Turkey Dinner
There probably isn’t a day of the year when you serve a bigger feast than you do on Thanksgiving. Furthermore, you likely have a bigger-than-usual group at your home, including extended family and friends. You can make this holiday even more memorable by serving delicious dishes, including ones you haven’t... [read more]

6 Ways To Enjoy Leftover Turkey

Homemade turkey leftover sandwich with cranberry sauce
If you’re like most people, you probably have leftover turkey for days after Thanksgiving. Instead of eating the same meal over and over, check out these leftover turkey recipes. Then, you can try different meals as you work your way through your leftovers. 1.      Thanksgiving Sandwich Are you looking for a tasty... [read more]

Follow This Guide To Fry The Perfect Turkey

Stuffed Turkey for Thanksgiving Holidays
Are you craving a crispy, moist, and flavorful turkey for Thanksgiving? If so, deep-frying it will do the trick. Deep-frying locks in the delicious flavors and juices, so you’ll have the bird of your dreams. First, go over some tips for deep-frying a turkey. Then, you can start planning for... [read more]