Try These Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Man washing car

After the winter season we’ve had, your car could use some tender loving care. It has been out in these frigid conditions for months getting you where you need to go. Return the love by giving it exactly what it needs. Treat it to some spring cleaning so it’s in tip-top shape as the weather warms up. Here are our three best tips on how to clean up your car.

Wash Your Car Everywhere

If you received a lot of snow and ice where you live this winter then your car probably has a build-up of salt on and under your vehicle. While you may think of only cleaning the parts of your car that you can see, it’s crucial to wash under your car and up in the wheel wells. Left dirty, these areas could lead to corrosion. Keep your car looking and feeling shiny and new by treating it to an all-over wash today.

Wash Your Car’s Interior as Well

Your shoes have been out accumulating salt this winter, and they’ve tracked it inside of your car. Make sure to vacuum and power wash your floor mats to get them fully clean. If you leave your floor mats dirty, not only will they probably start to smell, but they’ll also accelerate rusting underneath if not properly cleaned and dried. For the ultimate deep clean feeling, vacuum your seats and clean your windows with glass cleaners too.

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Check Your Tire Pressure

Your tires have gone through a lot between the harsh weather and the usual bumps in the road. Check your tire pressure to see if they’re in need of more air. When your tires are worn down, it can limit your braking power. Also, keeping your tire pressure at the optimal amount helps with gas mileage.

If you used tires specifically made for winter this season, then remember to change them to your non-winter weather tires. Continuing to use winter tires in warmer weather will wear them down and harm them.

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