Make The Perfect Pimento Cheese

Make The Perfect Pimento Cheese

When you are looking for a quick and easy lunch or light dinner, there is nothing like the pungent taste of pimento cheese. It is great on sandwiches, with crackers, dolloped on fried green tomatoes, and so much more. Typically served at bridal teas, you may think making homemade pimento cheese takes a lot of work. It seriously could not be any simpler. This especially true when you follow this recipe for pimento cheese from Southern Living.

Pimento Cheese Ingredients

  • One jar or about 4 ounces of diced pimentos
  • One and a half cups of mayonnaise
  • One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • One teaspoon of finely grated yellow onion
  • One-fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • One eight-ounce block of extra-sharp yellow Cheddar cheese
  • One eight-ounce block of sharp yellow Cheddar cheese

Make sure that you drain the jar of pimentos. You will want to finely shred the extra-sharp yellow Cheddar cheese. You need to also shred the block of sharp Cheddar cheese.

A Little Extra

This Southern Living recipe is pretty simple, but you can always personalize it with additional seasonings. While this recipe does not call for it, you can never go wrong with a little garlic powder or even fresh minced garlic for a deeper flavor profile. Add enough to your taste preference. You may also want a little black pepper. If you really want a little kick to your pimento cheese, then you should try adding diced pickled jalapenos. After one bite, you may just always want your pimento cheese with a little spice.

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Making the pimento cheese is very simple. In a mixing bowl, you will combine the pimiento, mayonnaise, Worcestershire, onion, cayenne and any garlic powder that you would like. After mixing that together well, you will add in the shredded cheeses. The pimento cheese is ready. For best results, you will want to refrigerate the pimento cheese for at least an hour before serving with crackers or on a sandwich.

The great thing about pimento cheese is that it keeps for a week when you refrigerate it. Though typically served with crackers or on a sandwich, you can serve it with so many things. Mix it into the cheese sauce of your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. If you are having hamburgers for dinner, nix the sliced cheese. Instead opt for a dollop of pimento cheese that you melt onto the hamburger patty. Stuff pimento cheese into poblano peppers and bake or roast the peppers. The possibilities are truly endless, so when you need an idea for lunch or dinner this summer, try incorporating this pimento cheese recipe.

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