Make Your Dishes Picante With This Jalapeño Salt

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Spice aficionados elevate the zest in your meals with a spicy twist! Introducing jalapeño salt, the perfect blend of heat and savory. Check out this recipe, originally from the kitchen of Crave the Good, and discover how this fiery seasoning can transform your dishes from bland to blazingly picante. Ready to spice things up?

Jalapeño Salt Ingredients

This zesty recipe calls for just two sizzling ingredients: 1/2 cup dehydrated jalapeños (that’s around 10 whole peppers) and a cup of bold, coarse kosher salt. You’ll also need a dehydrator and a food processor. Get ready to blend those fiery flavors, and voila. Pour your spicy creation into a classic salt shaker. Spice up your life and every dish with a sprinkle or two.

Jalapeño Salt Instructions

Alrighty, spicy-salt lovers.  Let’s turn those jalapeños into magic.

  1. First things first, give those fresh jalapeños a lovely bath and chop them into dainty dices.
  2. Lay them out on your dehydrator tray. Then, let them bask at a cool 125°F for about 6-10 hours. You’re aiming for that ultra-crispy, snap-like-a-wishbone finish.
  3. Once they’re crisp, toss them into your food processor. Hit the pulse button 2-3 times – we’re just going for a pre-dance warm-up, not the full party just yet. Your goal is just to break the jalapeño up before you add in the salt. And if you’re a fan of superfine salt, feel free to glide through this step.
  4. It’s time to invite salt to the fiesta. Sprinkle it in.
  5. Get your groove on and pulse away. Whether you’re feeling chunky vibes or a smooth rhythm, pulse until your salt-n-pepper mix feels just right.
  6. Finally, tuck your spicy-salt masterpiece into its cozy airtight home. And whenever you’re ready to spice things up, sprinkle it from your shaker or pinch it from a bowl.

What to Season With Your Jalapeño Salt

Jalapeño salt is not just a fiery addition to your spice rack but a versatile seasoning that can enliven an array of dishes. Imagine roasted vegetables sprinkled with this zesty blend, enhancing their natural flavors. Picture grilled chicken or fish, where jalapeño salt provides a smoky, spicy crust. It’s also a game-changer for popcorn or mixed nuts, adding an unexpected kick to your snack time. Want to elevate your homemade guacamole or salsa? A dash of this salt does wonders. So, don’t limit yourself; experiment and let jalapeño salt elevate your culinary creations.

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Storing Your Jalapeño Salt

Like all dried herbs and spices, ensure you store this homemade jalapeño salt in a sealed container in a cool, dark cabinet. The salt acts as a preservative, ensuring the dried peppers remain fresh, allowing the blend to last for over a year.

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