The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide

Young happy people looking at sparklers in their hands
The holiday season has many reasons to celebrate. Though Christmas gets the most attention, New Year’s is the perfect occasion to get together with family and friends. Throwing a New Year’s Eve party can be memorable and enjoyable if you do it the right way. So, if you have decided... [read more]

Dine At Hollywood’s Restaurant & Bakery

Pieces of chocolate biscuit brownie covered with melted dark chocolate on the black background
Eating out should be more than just finding good food at a price you can afford. Of course, these are two crucial elements. However, you also want to choose a place with excellent, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy your time. When you come to Hollywood’s Restaurant &... [read more]

Making Your Own Gingerbread House

Mother and daughter decorating gingerbread house at home for Christmas.
People await Christmas more than any other holiday of the year. It isn’t just young children who get excited about this holiday. Rather, people of all ages gear up with excitement for Dec. 25. Leading up to the big day; it’s fun to participate in some activities. These include watching... [read more]

Get Crafty This Christmas: Rudolph Ornaments

Stuffed linen ornaments in shape of hearts, teddy bears, reindeer, Christmas trees, and small sacks are arranged on table.
There are many symbols of Christmas. For example, you probably first think of Santa Claus and perhaps his busy elves. You may also value the religious aspect of the holiday and all that comes with it. And, of course, there’s always Santa’s reindeer that have a challenging job ahead of... [read more]

Make Your Christmas Stockings At Home This Year

Hands holding needle and sewing felt christmas sock for christmas and new year decor
As you think about essential elements of Christmas in your home, a few things come to mind. For example, you can’t do without a tree, complete with ornaments and lights. You also need other decorations adorning your home. However, you can’t forget about the stocking for St. Nick to fill.... [read more]

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipe

Christmas cookies
Many people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Being with family and loved ones makes it a special occasion. Moreover, you’ll celebrate with parties and other get-togethers that typically involve food and treats. When you make treats this year, don’t forget the cookies. You’ve never had... [read more]

Watch These Top 10 Christmas Movies

Mature couple watching TV, eating pop corn and sitting on carpet at living room for Christmas
The Christmas season is the perfect time to spend with family and friends. As you enjoy this time of year, you may also relax by watching Christmas movies. There are plenty to choose from, but some stand out. Furthermore, there are 10 that you won’t want to go without seeing... [read more]

Restore Your Dim Headlights With This Easy Guide

gloved hand of a mechanic wiping the headlights of a car with a cloth after having polished them and leaving them restored and shiny
When you are driving, safety should be the most important thing on your mind. Your car’s headlights are critical to keeping you and other motorists safe on the road. However, if the headlights start to dim, you won’t be able to see other cars very well – and other drivers... [read more]

The Ultimate Christmas Shopping List

Surprised little boy opening Christmas present whit her sister at home
The joy of the Christmas season isn’t something you can replicate during other times of the year. There’s something magical about giving and receiving gifts to and from the people you care about most. However, there can be a lot of stress when finding the right presents. For example, finding... [read more]

Head Over To Remini’s For Authentic Italian Cuisine

Italian spaghetti on rustic wooden table
When you’re hungry and need something delicious and filling, Italian food often hits the spot. And when it comes to quality Italian food in Roanoke, VA, Remini’s stands out. This restaurant has been operating since 2011 and quickly gained a loyal following. You can come by for dinner and lunch... [read more]