Throw The Best Halloween Party With These Tips

Shot of a table with Halloween decoration.
Many people love the fall season and especially love celebrating Halloween. It’s a time for spices, gourds, scary things, and eerie sights and sounds. And while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun and costumes for kids, that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy the Halloween season. Here are some... [read more]

A Delicious And Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving holiday pumpkin pie with whipped topping
Cooler weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin everything: it must be fall. And one of the most popular desserts on everyone’s table this time of year is pumpkin pie. While you can get a store-bought pie that tastes pretty good, baking your own can be even more yummy. Try this delicious... [read more]

Enjoy Seasonal Specials At Local Roots

Portrait of a beautiful African American waitress serving food at a restaurant and smiling while carrying plates
Roanoke is home to a thriving food scene, with a wealth of great restaurants and eateries. One favorite that draws locals and visitors is Local Roots. Local Roots focuses on sustainable, organic, local, and ethical food when it comes to the menu. There, you can enjoy seasonal specials and farm-to-table... [read more]

10 Cute Home Decorations For Halloween

Bunch of pumpkins of different kinds, shapes and colors on the floor and a table near the couch of a living room. Symbol of autumnal holidays with a lot of copy space for text, close up, background.
One reason Halloween is such a fun holiday is that there are many chances for creativity. In fact, decorating your home is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the season. In addition, your home will be party-ready, and your kids can even help decorate.... [read more]

Here Are 8 Cute Fall Date Ideas

Couple in love hugging and enjoying at public park in autumn
Couples need to go on dates once in a while to get away from everyday life and spend time together. And there are great ways to add fun to each year’s season. During fall, let the crisp weather and changing leaves inspire you to try a fun date twist. Here... [read more]

Enjoy Rustic Italian Cuisine Here In Roanoke

Close up of unrecognizable person eating pasta for dinner.
Fresh, hand-crafted, and woodfired dishes make Food Fanatics Kitchen a popular dinner spot in Roanoke. From pizzas on hand-made dough to pasta tossed with fresh herbs and cheese, you’ll find tasty and heartwarming dishes. This local and family-owned spot is the place to go to enjoy rustic Italian cuisine. When to... [read more]

9 Easiest DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Shot of a young couple dressed in halloween costumes being being playful at home
Halloween is just around the corner, so you’ll need to start thinking about costumes. But buying costumes can get expensive. Also, sometimes there aren’t a lot of good choices. Try these nine easy DIY Halloween costumes this year. Soap Silly Whip up this quick and easy costume with just a few supplies.... [read more]

Take Care Of Your Ride This Fall

Beware of the risk of slipping on the road in autumn
With the change in seasons, it’s essential to check out your car. Keeping up with car maintenance can ensure a safer ride on the road. After the wear and tear of summer driving and before winter weather arrives, take care of your ride. Try these tips for keeping your vehicle... [read more]

Here Are The Top 5 Haunted Houses In Roanoke

Halloween directional sign arrows covered with spider web
Haunted houses are fun, but something about the autumn season makes them even more thrilling. Some haunted houses are gory and use theater and actors to scare. Other haunted places are known for ghost sightings and eerie phenomena. Fortunately, Roanoke has several haunted houses you can visit. Check out these... [read more]

Carve Pumpkins Like A Pro

Smiling african american parent father removing pulp from ripe pumpkin while carving jack o lantern with little son for Halloween celebration at home in kitchen and looking at each other with smile
Kids and adults alike love to carve pumpkins during fall. Carving is a fun activity, and people can create amazing designs and interesting faces. But sometimes, it can be challenging to translate your creative idea into reality. Use these tips to get your carving pumpkins like a pro in no... [read more]