Have The Best Road Trip With These Tips

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Summer isn’t over yet, and if you’re planning to head out on a road trip to soak up the last rays of the summer sun, these tips will help you make it the best trip yet.

Clean and Organize

A road trip means that you’ll be in a fairly small space for hours on end and that space will start to feel even smaller if there’s excess clutter and trash strewn throughout the cabin. Before you head out on your trip, clean out any trash and clutter that you won’t need on the trip. When you’re down to the essentials (jumper cables, gum, phone chargers, etc.), try to find a home for everything in the car’s cubby spaces or by keeping a basket in the back. As your trip wears on, take a few minutes each day to clean out any new trash and store souvenirs in your luggage or the aforementioned basket.

Plan Ahead

Even if you normally aren’t the planning type, you’ll want to have at least a loose plan for your trip. Aside from the destination point(s) and the general route you’ll take, it’s a good idea to plan your overnight accommodations ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than driving all day and hoping that the first motel you see on the side of the road has a vacancy only to find out there’s no room in the inn. If you’re driving through foodie cities, make plans to stop for lunch or dinner and grab a bite at a fun local restaurant! Though drive-thrus never taste as good as they do on a road trip, your trip will be even more memorable with great food along the way!

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Stop By for a Tune-Up

The worst thing that could happen on a road trip is a breakdown, but thankfully that misfortune is preventable! Before you leave, book a multi-point inspection with one of our Berglund service centers. Our technicians will take a look at everything and make recommendations for maintenance or repairs that could pop up on your trip. We can also set you up with an oil change, a tire rotation, and a fresh alignment to help your car run at its best on your trip. Book your pre-road trip services with your Berglund service center today!

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