Test Your Smarts At One Way Out Escape Room


Gather your family or coworkers and come to solve the puzzles and find all the clues before time runs out. At One Way Out Escape Room, you can test your smarts and figure out the answers in an effort to escape within one hour. Whether you’ve never tried an escape room before or are an escape room veteran, you’ll love the excitement this experience brings.

More Than One Escape Room to Try

You can try one of the five escape rooms to see if you’re one of the lucky teams that escape. If you’re new to this, try the Railway Robbery experience. This room has a 56 percent escape rate. However, if you have done a few escape rooms, you might be ready to try your hand at the more complex rooms like Paravell’s Three Keys. Less than a third of the teams that attempt this room manage to escape in time.

Special Events and Team Building

Escape rooms are better in big groups and offer people a chance to learn how to work with the people around them. From teams of friends to coworkers, solving the clues means relying on the people around you. Many people find that going through an escape room can help them bond with their teammates as they learn skills and insights they didn’t know about before.

Another fun idea is to invite guests for a special birthday party. An escape room is a unique experience that will take your birthday party to a whole new level. In addition, an escape room is a great way to get adult friends out and have fun together where the only pressure is to figure out clues in time.

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What You Should Know Before You Go

While kids can be a part of the team, they must be 8 years or older. Children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them. In addition, four of the five escape rooms are accessible for people with disabilities. Teams can book Thursday through Sunday but should call first to reserve the room at a specific time. Finally, One Way Out did not design its escape rooms to be scary. Instead, the goal is to create a challenge for teams as they work together to solve the puzzles.

Try something new and visit One Way Out Escape Room today. You might be one of the lucky teams that make it out!

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