Try Out These 5 DIY Holiday Craft Ideas

orange yarn pumpkins

The holiday season is in full swing, and you want your house to look the part. Instead of loading up on expensive decorations this year, you can make them yourself. These simple DIY holiday crafts are fun to make and will put you in the holiday spirit.

1.      Corn Wreath

You can show off fall’s colors with this corn wreath craft. Instead of using real corn, you’ll make the wreath with construction paper, bubble wrap, and twine. The bubble wrap will resemble kernels of corn when you’re done, so it’ll look just like the real deal. However, you won’t have to worry about it spoiling.

2.      Felt and Burlap Napkin Rings

You can add some holiday cheer to your table with these felt and burlap napkin rings. You’ll use a pattern to cut out leaves for the napkin rings. Then, you’ll just follow a couple more steps to assemble them. It won’t be long before they’re ready for your table.

3.      Yarn Pumpkins

Your kids will be amazed at the process when you make yarn pumpkins. Actually, it’s so cool that you might feel a rush of wonder as well. You’ll start with a balloon, cover it in yarn, and let the glue dry. Then, you’ll remove the balloon, leaving you with a yarn pumpkin. The yarn will stay in place, so you can display the pumpkin on a table or the mantel. Don’t be surprised if guests ask how you managed to get the yarn to stay in place. It looks like magic, but in reality, it just takes a little bit of work.

4.      Ombre Pinecone

Pinecones are popular decorations this time of year. You can use them for various crafts, but this ombre pinecone project might take the cake. You’ll paint the tips of the pinecones, while the rest will remain the natural color. The painted tips stand out against the brown color and make the finished product look like a trinket instead of a pinecone. In fact, the results are so outstanding that you might want to paint several pinecones. You can use a variety of colors, so each one is unique.

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5.      Thanksgiving Banner

If you’re looking for something to hang on your wall, check out this Thanksgiving banner craft. You can take a walk around the neighborhood to gather items for the banner, such as pinecones and twigs. Then, you’ll be ready to tackle the project. You can spell out anything you want with the banner. Come up with a message and then get to work.

You are going to have a fun time making these crafts. Once you’re done, display them around the house to add some extra cheer during the holiday season.

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