Upgrade Your Garage This Summer

Three car garage attached to a home

Is your garage a little bland and boring? Sure, it does a great job of protecting your car and keeping your tools organized, but it could be so much more. You can increase the style and function of your garage with a few simple upgrades. Once you make these changes, your garage will go from a storage space to a fun spot for hanging out.

Freshen it Up With Paint

The paint on garage walls is usually anything but bold. In fact, most garages have some variation of white, which is bland and boring. With that in mind, choose a bold color to paint your garage. This simple tip will make it more stylish and inviting. Also, consider adding even more style with crown molding and baseboards.

Change the Floors

Concrete slabs are functional, but they don’t win any style points. If you want a change, you can use an epoxy floor coating to improve the look of your floors.

Do you want a more significant change? Then, you can choose modular floor tiles. This upgrade will make your garage look modern and stylish.

Increase the Function With More Outlets

Most garages have a single outlet. If that’s the case with your garage, it’s time to add some more. Then, you won’t have any trouble plugging in tools and toys you want to use in the garage. Before you get started, consult with an electrician to make sure it’s safe to install the outlets.

Make the Garage More Comfortable

Do you find yourself getting overheated or cold in the garage? If so, begin by adding some insulation to prevent air from entering or escaping your garage. Follow that up by installing a ceiling fan for the hot summer months and electric heaters to combat the cold. It’ll be much easier to work and play in the garage when you regulate the temperature.

Add Entertainment Options

It’s easy to get bored if you spend long hours working in the garage. Fortunately, you can make boredom a thing of the past by adding a TV and surround sound speakers. Mount them on the walls, and then include some modular seating, so you can take a break between tasks.

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Add an Inviting Entryway

After you put in all of this work, you’ll want people to hang out in your garage. That’s why it’s important to add a welcoming entryway. Place potted plants and a storage rack or shelf for belongings such as coats and umbrellas at the front of the garage. Then, people can come over, put away their possessions, and grab a seat.

These upgrades are simple enough that you can complete them over the weekend. Then, your garage will be inviting, stylish, functional, and fun.

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