Visit The Stunning Anne Spencer House And Garden Museum

Tunnel in a Garden

The Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum in Lynchburg offers stunning beauty and rich history. The carefully cultivated garden and the cottage provided Anne with a sense of peace and comfort and inspired her as a poet and thought leader. Many cultural and intellectual leaders visited Anne Spencer’s home over the years. Today, children and adults can take in the same beauty that inspired Anne for many years.

About Anne and Edward Spencer

As a poet, Anne Spencer was a valued part of the Harlem Renaissance movement in the 1920s. In fact, she saw more than 30 of her poems published. Near the end of her life, the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry included her work. Anne Spencer’s husband, Edward, was a feanne low student. Over time, they grew closer and married. Eventually, Edward became Lynchburg’s first parcel postman. He created many unique features in the Spencer House and the cottage, bringing Anne’s designs to life.

A Garden for All Seasons

Anne Spencer and her husband Edward created a slice of peace and calm. Edward was the crafter of the home’s features and the cottage, Edankraal. However, it was Anne who designed the cottage and the gardens. Visitors can come to the gardens for free throughout the year. Just inside the gate, some brochures help guide people through the garden. In addition, there are hidden speakers in the birdhouses that operate with the push of a button. Finally, while the garden is a delight throughout the year, the peak time for blooms is between March and June.

The Anne Spencer Museum

The cottage and the museum offer snapshots into the lives of Anne and Edward Spencer and their children. Anne Spencer lived there until 1975, and the home is almost exactly as it was when she was there. In fact, you can even still see the phone numbers she wrote on her phone booth in the hall. Also, you can see the magazines she was reading. The house has two floors, and the upstairs contains the bedrooms where the family slept.

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Touring the Home

From student groups to locals and neighbors, everyone is welcome at the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum. However, the house and cottage close each year between November and March, except for special arrangements. It is important to schedule at least two weeks in advance to take a tour. Tickets start at $3 for children under 12. Of course, large groups of 10 or more can tour the house, but they should also schedule in advance. Finally, many schools bring students to tour. The guide can adjust the content to the grade of the students to ensure they get the most out of their tour. Visit the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum in Lynchburg and learn about this slice of rich cultural history.

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