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Order Brunch From Scratch Biscuit Company

Selective focus closeup of a basket of fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits
Whether you’re hungry for a hearty, well-prepared meal first thing in the morning, in the afternoon for lunch, or right in the middle for a leisurely brunch, Scratch Biscuit Company offers just what you need for both curbside pick-up and delivery in Roanoke! The Biscuits The main event at Scratch is their... [read more]

Plan A Date Night And Order Curbside Pick Up

A hearty bowl of shrimp over buttery, savory grits.
Housed in a vintage building that was originally constructed as Roanoke’s largest office supply company, Alexander’s puts a modern twist on old-fashioned style. With an air of romance and sophistication, a touch of modern and vintage jazz, and an old-world charm, Alexander’s is here to help you make the most... [read more]

Pick Up Some Grub From Clutch Smoked Meats

Delicious sandwich on cutting board.
Located at 120 Luck Avenue South West, Clutch Smoked Meats & Sandwiches is sure to satisfy your smoked meat cravings. Clutch also offers large, family-style meals, boxed lunches for events as well as smoked meat platters. They’ll cater to your next event, and have your attendees asking for more. Whether... [read more]

Grab Curbside Pick-Up At These Roanoke Spots

Children at the dining table at home taking from a box of take out food.
Between work, taking care of the kids, and extracurricular activities, sometimes preparing a homemade meal is just out of the question. You want something that everyone can enjoy, and you may not have the time or the appetite to wait on a home-cooked meal to be made or to make... [read more]

Gourmet Italian For The Perfect Date Night

Are you trying to impress someone special that you’ve just started dating? Or perhaps you just want to enjoy an evening out with your long-term partner. No matter what you’re celebrating or why you want to go out, you should know that Luigi’s Italian Gourmet Restaurant may just be the... [read more]

Amp Up Your Morning At Scrambled

Scrambled Roanoke
If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, then you want to make sure that your morning gets off to the best possible start, and a lot of factors go into that. First, you’ll want to make sure you get to bed early the night before so you wake... [read more]

Make Reservations At Billy’s

Billy’s Roanoke
What’s your favorite part about traveling? For many people, it’s the opportunity to taste brand-new foods that they may not be able to get at home. However, not that many people can take a break from their daily lives on the regular to jet set off to a different culture... [read more]

Food Truck Favorites Around Roanoke

Food trucks have become a vibrant part of the Roanoke culinary scene in recent years, and there’s something for everyone among the diverse mobile options. Check out these local favorites and try a Roanoke food truck! Grills on Wheels Whether you catch Mountain Grille out at the Vinton Farmers Market, a local... [read more]

Make Reservations For Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse

frankie rowland's
Sometimes after a big life event or even a tough week, you just get the urge to go out and treat yourself to a nice meal. What better place to splurge on an evening of fine dining than our own local Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse? With a menu that will make... [read more]

Catch Up With Friends At The City Market Building

City Market Building
Do you ever wish there was a place where you could shop for the things you need, dine at the coolest restaurants in town, and hang out with friends in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere? If so, you’ve probably been searching for something like The Roanoke City Market Building. This... [read more]