Choo Choo! Spend A Day At The Virginia Museum Of Transportation

Children Looking at Paintings in Gallery
Museums hold tales of the past that can teach you about your present and future. There’s a lot to learn at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. There is something for every member of your family here. You can better appreciate the history of transportation in Virginia, from trains and cars... [read more]

Get Outside And Explore Mill Mountain Park

Mountain Biking on forest trail
Some cities set aside some green space, add a bench or two, and call it a park, but that’s not how it works in Roanoke. The city’s parks are more like outdoor playgrounds for kids and adults, with so much to do you can easily spend the entire day at... [read more]

Uncover The Grill And Give These Recipes A Try

Cooking pizza on outdoor gas grill
After spending the winter dreaming of barbecuing, the time has finally arrived. Grilling season is here, and you can kick it off with a bang by trying some new recipes. These aren’t just any old recipes either. They’re so divine that you’ll graduate from person on the grill to a... [read more]

Grab A Bite At Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse

juicy meat steak in the restaurant
Sometimes, you want a quick meal on the way home, but other times, you find yourself craving a complete experience. That means you want everything to be on point, from the food and service to the atmosphere. If you want that complete experience to include the best steak of your... [read more]

Take In The Beauty Of The Taubman Museum Of Art

young girl at an art museum
Some people plan entire vacations around visiting a first-class art museum, but you don’t even have to leave Roanoke to explore the stunning Taubman Museum of Art. There’s so much to explore with 11 galleries, a permanent collection, and temporary exhibits. If you’ve yet to visit or it’s been a... [read more]

Local Roots Is the Hottest Date Night Spot In Roanoke

Braised Boneless Short Rib with Black Truffle Au jus
Are you in charge of finding a place for date night, but you’re at a loss? It’s a big decision, and the wrong choice can turn a promising date into a disaster. Fortunately, you can divert the disaster and score major points by securing reservations at Local Roots in Roanoke,... [read more]

Get Closer To Nature At The Mill Mountain Zoo

girls pointing at python in terrarium
While you might glimpse a wild animal or two when hiking on a secluded trail, that’s not even close to what you’ll experience at the Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke. Animal encounters on the trails can be frightening, but the zoo provides a safe, controlled environment for connecting with wildlife.... [read more]

Necessities You Should Keep In Your Car During the Summer

Man fills up reusable water bottle in the kitchen
It’s always a good idea to prepare for anything that can happen while on the road. That goes beyond the mental aspect of defensive driving and includes having the necessary supplies. Your needs change based on the season, so check out the items to keep in your car during the... [read more]