Make Kitchen Cleaning A Breeze With One Of These Sheet Pan Recipes

Sheet Pan Sausage
Do you find yourself buried in dirty pots and pans when you finish cooking? That’ll be a thing of the past when you use these sheet pan recipes. They’re fast and easy, with dinner ready in 45 minutes or less. Even better, cleanup is a breeze when making these dishes.... [read more]

How To Check Your Vehicle’s Antifreeze

Pouring antifreeze. Filling a windshield washer tank with an antifreeze in winter cold weather.
You need to maintain the proper antifreeze level in your car to protect your engine. It keeps your engine from overheating and also prevents the water in the engine from freezing up, leading to catastrophic damage. Thus, find out how to check your vehicle’s antifreeze so you can monitor the... [read more]

Have A Blast At The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

Kids on snow tubes downhill at winter day
You don’t have to be a student at Liberty University to have a blast at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre. The center is open to the general public and full of mountain activities you’re sure to love. It’s designed to look and feel like an alpine resort and uses synthetic... [read more]

Keep Your Children Safe This Winter With These Tips

mother with her baby in fluffy bear costume over shoulder
Winter is a fantastic time for family togetherness and fun. However, it also poses some dangers if you’re not careful. Fortunately, you can keep your little ones safe by following these tips. These tips will help protect your kiddos from the cold weather, illnesses, and accidents when engaging in activities. Dress... [read more]

Ring In The New Year With These DIY Decorations

Photo of young couple on New Year's Eve
Christmas is over, and now, you’re getting ready for the New Year. The New Year is a time to celebrate, and you can set the tone with some decorations. Instead of trying to snag decorations at the store, make your own this year. You’ll love ringing in the New Year... [read more]

Grab A Cup Of Joe From These Coffee Shops

Female Barista making a drink
Are you in a bit of a coffee rut? You love the hot stuff, but after drinking the same type of coffee day in and day out, you need a change. You can explore a variety of delicious coffee flavors right here in Roanoke. Check out the top spots to... [read more]

Whip Up These Last-Minute Desserts

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Molten Center and Red Currants
Making a holiday meal is hard work, and it’s easy to run out of time before getting to the desserts. Fortunately, you can wait until the last minute and still have a full dessert table this year. Check out these last-minute dessert recipes you can make in 30 minutes or... [read more]

Make Dinner A Success With These Holiday Recipes

Christmas ham around decorations
It won’t be long before your family is gathering around the table for the holiday meal. Naturally, you want to impress everyone with your culinary skills, and that won’t be a problem if you select the right holiday recipes. Get some recipes for the main course and sides so that... [read more]

Keep The Holiday Fun With These 6 Stocking Stuffers

Christmas stockings are hanging by the chimney
Do you do a great job on presents, but your stocking stuffers are hit and miss? You can wow your family this year with these cool stocking stuffers. In fact, these stocking stuffers will be such a hit that you might have to remind your family that they still need... [read more]

Win Secret Santa With These Gifts Under $30

Unwrapping a Christmas Present
Participating in Secret Santa manages to be both fun and stressful. You love surprising your friends and receiving gifts but finding a nice gift at the right price isn’t easy. Fortunately, you can take the stress out of the equation by getting one of these Secret Santa gifts under $30. Zojirushi... [read more]