Fun Outdoor Activities For You And The Family To Try

Friends playing cornhole outside
Warmer weather will be here soon and that means it’s time to break out the outdoor games! Enjoy the beautiful weather with friends and family by playing one of these fun games today. We’ve had a ton of fun playing them in our backyards and we hope you do too. Giant... [read more]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These Red Velvet Desserts

Red velvet shortbread cookies on cooling rack
We’re huge fans of red velvet here at Berglund Group. However, lately, we’ve been trying ways to enjoy it other than in traditional cake or cupcake forms. Luckily, once we started searching, we found tons of ways to eat red velvet without using either of those methods in their traditional... [read more]

Utilize Your Air Fryer To Make Some Incredibly Tasty Pizza

Man preparing pizza to bake
This recipe further convinced us that you really can make anything with the help of an air fryer! Stop buying frozen pizzas when you’re in need of a quick and easy dinner, and start making pizzas in your air fryer instead. Each pizza ends up being about the size of... [read more]

Cut Your Grocery Spending In Half With This Guide

Stocked kitchen pantry with food - pasta, buckwheat, rice and sugar .
Aren't we all trying to save money? While we don’t get to decide how much some of our monthly expenses are, there are a couple we can fully control. Your grocery bill is one of the few that is fully within your power. If you’re looking to save money at... [read more]

Try These Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Man washing car
After the winter season we’ve had, your car could use some tender loving care. It has been out in these frigid conditions for months getting you where you need to go. Return the love by giving it exactly what it needs. Treat it to some spring cleaning so it’s in... [read more]

Prepare A Delicious Treat For Your Dog

DIY cool colorful frozen yogurt dog treats on plain white background.
Your dog deserves the best of everything. We know we don’t have to tell you this because you already know it. Although, this is just a reminder that this goes for treats as well. This spring, grab fresh watermelon instead of store-bought treats for your furry friend. They’ll think they’re... [read more]

Enjoy The Great Outdoors With A Perfect Picnic

Picnic outdoors on a forest meadow.
Spring is almost here, which means it’s almost picnic time once again. A good picnic needs more planning than you’d expect, especially if you want it to be as easy and fun as possible. You need a picnic-friendly menu of food and drinks, and since you’ll be eating outdoors, most... [read more]

Make A Beautiful Homemade Pie With These Recipes

close up slice of chocolate pie.
Mastering the art of a pie is a wonderful baking skill to have, especially as spring is on its way with plenty of picnics in your future! A well-crafted pie is a show stopper at any gathering. If you want to be the talk of the party, you should bring... [read more]

Cook A Meal The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Quattro formaggi (four cheeses) Italian pasta
Are you in need of recipes the whole family will enjoy? Pleasing everyone is hard, but with the help of these meals, it doesn’t have to be a struggle any longer. All three of these recipes are delicious and so easy to make. You’ll only need a few ingredients for... [read more]