Schedule A Tour Of Virginia Tech This Month

College Students
Choosing a college is a big decision. You need to choose a place that checks all the boxes regarding education, finances, and atmosphere. You can find out about the education and cost online or in brochures, but when it comes to determining the atmosphere, you have to see it in... [read more]

Get Ready For Rooftop Riot 2018

What can you do for $5? Buy a burger? Maybe get a couple of tacos? What about listening to live music? It’s true: You can attend Rooftop Riot 2018 at Center in the Square Rooftop for a mere $5. This summer concert series still has three shows left, so get... [read more]

The Best Brunch Spots In Roanoke

“Where do you want to go to brunch?” You cringe every time someone asks that question. Yes, you love brunch, but you never know where to go and are sick of saying, “You decide.” Well, the days of letting others decide are finally over. The next time someone asks where you... [read more]

Take A Visit To The History Museum of Western Virginia

Classic Watch
There’s been a lot going on at the History Museum of Western Virginia. Two years ago, it consolidated with the O. Winston Link Museum, and then last year, the museum added some new exhibits. All of this means the museum is even better than ever before. If you’ve yet to... [read more]

Embrace Nostalgia At The Roanoke Pinball Museum

Pinball isn’t just a game. It’s a part of American culture, and you can honor that culture at the Roanoke Pinball Museum. The museum has more than 45 pinball machines from different eras. You can check out machines from the 1940s all the way up to the 1990s. These machines... [read more]

Go Kayaking With Roanoke Mountain Adventures

It’s so nice outside: Don’t you want to get out of your house and go on an adventure? You can do just that by going kayaking with Roanoke Mountain Adventures. This company offers flat and moving water trips, so you can experience a lazy day on the water or go... [read more]

Get Ready For The 4th Of July With “1776, The Concert Musical”

Jefferson Memorial
With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, it is important for everyone to remember why we are celebrating. Head down to Poplar Forest and watch "1776", the Tony Award-winning musical comedy. This Musical will be shown June 28, June 29, and June 30 at Thomas Jefferson's vacation home in Poplar... [read more]

Plan A Visit To The Science Museum Of Western Virginia

There’s a lot to be said for museums that make learning fun for all – and there’s no time like summer to introduce kids of all ages to the wonders of science. If they’re already science buffs, they’ll be in heaven, and if they’re not, a trip to the Science... [read more]

Enjoy A Staycation At Natural Bridge Historic Hotel

Who says a summer vacation has to take you far from home? If you’re among the lucky ones who call Virginia home, a “staycation” is a fantastic alternative. There’s so much to see and do in our grand state that you’ll never get bored if you plan accordingly. We’ll even... [read more]

Enjoy Some Family Fun At The Virginia Museum Of Transportation

Car Museum
There’s something fundamentally fascinating about the various modes of transportation we as a society have depended upon over our collective history. From toddlers playing with Hot Wheels and toy boats to grownups who construct elaborate train sets and enjoy watching planes take off at the airport, the appeal of various... [read more]