You Have To Try On The Rise Bread Company

Sourdough bread close-up. Freshly baked round bread with a golden crust on bakery shelves. German baker shop context with rustic bread assortment.
Sandwiches, soups, and salads and not all created equally. If you want high-quality food that stands above the competition, On The Rise Bread Company has a great menu that everyone in your group will appreciate. Perhaps best of all, the food is fresh. Even the desserts are made at the... [read more]

Here’s What To Do With Your Turkey Day Leftovers

Herbed bread stuffing with celery, side dish recipe
Thanksgiving is a day when you probably have more food than at any time of the year. Therefore, chances are high that you’ll have some leftovers. Some people may let this food sit in the fridge for a few days and then forget about it. Other people throw it out... [read more]

Visit The Roanoke Pinball Museum This Fall Break

Pinball Targets
There was a time when arcades were a popular playground of fun for kids and adults alike. A fixture in these places was always the pinball machine. It’s harder to find arcades today and the bright lights and bells of pinball machines. However, if you want to experience the excitement... [read more]

Tips For Thriving During Black Friday Shopping

Man holding shopping bags with presents on the street
Black Friday isn’t for everyone. For example, some people in Roanoke, VA, and other areas stay away from shopping in the few days following Thanksgiving. However, Black Friday remains a popular day for shoppers and a huge one for retailers. If you plan on braving the stores this year, you... [read more]

Our Ultimate Turkey Day Checklist

Young woman in blue warm sweater sitting near the big window of coffee shop and writing a Christmas shopping list with cup of blue latte. Planning Christmas holidays. Organising and planning concept.
If you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner at your home, you want to make it a memorable day for everyone. Therefore, you can’t wake up the morning of the holiday and expect to throw together the perfect dinner and festivities. This is because a gathering of this significance requires a... [read more]

Visit Famous Toastery For A Delicious Brunch

French toasts with strawberry and powdered sugar for breakfast on a wooden table
It’s probably not every day that you enjoy brunch. But if you have a special occasion coming up or want an excuse for brunch, Famous Toastery is waiting for you. However, it’s not only brunch that you can find at this restaurant. It also serves lunch and breakfast. There’s something... [read more]

5 Tips For Conserving Energy In Your Home This Season

Couple With Woman With Prosthetic Arm Turning Down Heating Control In Kitchen Together
With the changing of seasons from summer to fall – and winter not too far off – it’s a good time to consider conserving energy. It’s always a good idea to consider ways to save money. Reducing how much energy you use doesn’t have to be complicated. You can take... [read more]

Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Warning Lights

Close up of car speedometer with yellow warning sign
Many in Roanoke, VA, have experienced the inconvenience and stress of their car breaking down. Sometimes, these types of incidents are unavoidable. There are warning signs that your car isn’t performing well and needs attention. Fortunately, these indicators are easy to spot. Warning lights will come on your dashboard to... [read more]

Check Out These 2 Turkey Day Recipes

Maple Glazed Turkey Dinner
There probably isn’t a day of the year when you serve a bigger feast than you do on Thanksgiving. Furthermore, you likely have a bigger-than-usual group at your home, including extended family and friends. You can make this holiday even more memorable by serving delicious dishes, including ones you haven’t... [read more]

Guide To Disposing Your Old Jack-O-Lantern

A sad decaying pumpkin waitng for the end of Halloween.
Halloween traditions come in many forms. For example, many people dress up and participate in trick-or-treating. Of course, there are also parties and get-togethers to enjoy, not to mention all the spooky decorations. However, when it comes to this holiday, it’s hard to imagine not carving pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns. But... [read more]