Get Outdoors At Read Mountain Preserve

Read Mountain Preserve
When the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s almost as if nature invites us to go outside and explore. In Virginia, you have the Blue Ridge Mountains which provide countless trails and hikes you can take advantage of. Whether you’re wanting to have a picnic with... [read more]

Center In The Square Aquariums

Center In The Square Aquariums
Growing up, we each have different things about life we enjoy. Whether we’re interested in anything with wheels, the solar system, electronics and gadgets, or even animals, our small minds can find fun and excitement with anything. For children who are interested in animals, particularly sea life, they’ll have a... [read more]

Have Some Fun At The Roanoke Starcade

Roanoke Starcade
When it comes to games, let’s face it – everyone loves them. Whether you’re a sports fan or you prefer to stay at home rolling the dice and playing board games, there are many ways to enjoy games. We’re certain you enjoy a video game or two as well. If... [read more]

Register Your Child For SMWV Summer Camp

SMWV Summer Camp
Just because the school year is over, doesn’t mean children should stop learning. On the contrary, learning something new should be a goal we all strive for each and every day. For kids, it might be a bit more difficult. Once the school year ends, they’re probably ready to enjoy... [read more]

Take An Adventure Tour Around Roanoke

Adventure Tour
Virginia is home to beautiful landscapes, gorgeous mountains, winding rivers and streams, and much more. During the summer months, it’s the perfect time to explore all Virginia has to offer. When it comes to the city of Roanoke, there’s plenty for you and your family to enjoy. Now is the... [read more]

Summer Activities For Kids Around Roanoke

After being cooped inside throughout the winter months and during the school year, it’s now time for you to get outside and enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer. For residents of Roanoke and the surrounding areas, you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of activities to enjoy.... [read more]

Amazement Square In Lynchburg

Amazement Square
“Look but don’t touch.” If you’re a parent, you probably say those words in your sleep. Instead of sounding like a broken record, take your kids to Amazement Square in Lynchburg, the one place where they can look and touch. This hands-on children’s museum has countless exhibits, and touching isn’t... [read more]

Dine In At Blue Apron Restaurant And Red Rooster Bar

Blue Apron Restaurant
You don’t have to hop a plane to France to enjoy haute French cuisine. You can have it right here at the Blue Apron Restaurant and Red Rooster Bar. The restaurant has a French country/cosmopolitan feel, and the food is to die for. Get the details and prepare for a... [read more]

How To Buy A Used Car

Used Car
You know you need a new set of wheels, but you’re on a budget. That means you need to buy a used car. Used vehicles are often times thousands of dollars cheaper than new vehicles, allowing you to get what you want at a price you can afford. Of course,... [read more]

Fresh Coffee In Roanoke

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea
Let’s be honest for a second. Your coffee pot doesn’t deliver delicious brews. Sure, you can get a caffeinated jolt at home, but it lacks the flavor you crave. Get the perfect cup of coffee at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea in Roanoke. You’ll love everything about this place, from... [read more]