Refuel Yourself With A Drink From Little Green Hive

Smiling woman drinking fresh juice
Are you on a mission to find the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or smoothie? Your mission has probably taken you from coffee shop to coffee shop, but you’ll want to add one more to the list. Little Green Hive in Roanoke is easily one of the top coffee houses... [read more]

5 Home Projects To Do This Spring

Spring will bring the warm weather, making it the perfect time to knock out some home improvement tasks. If you tackle the projects now, your house will be ready by the time summer arrives. Then, you can enjoy a lazy, relaxing summer since the hard work will be done. With... [read more]

Explore The Virginia Museum Of Natural History

Father And Son Look At Artifacts In Case On Trip To Museum
Are you looking for a fun and educational activity to enjoy with your family? If so, a trip to the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, Virginia, fits the bill. From the museum’s award-winning exhibits to its thrilling collections, you’ll soak up so much information here. And while there’s... [read more]

10 Ways To Do Date Night At Home This Year

Portrait of young couple eating a heart chocolate cookie.
Setting aside a night each week to spend time with your significant other is important for your relationship. You don’t always have the time or energy to go out, though. Fortunately, you have a fun date night at home. First, check out 10 ways to do date night at home... [read more]

Find Fresh Local Goods At The Roanoke Co+Op This Spring

Smiling young baker at the checkout counter.
Do you want to support your local community while picking up fresh local goods? That’s easy to do when you shop at the Roanoke Co+op in Roanoke, Virginia. The co-op has been going strong since 1975 and is the go-to place for fresh products. Get the scoop on shopping here,... [read more]

Give Your Car A Deep Clean The Right Way

cropped view of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car
You probably dedicate some time each week or month to cleaning the outside of your car, but what about the interior? If you haven’t done more than vacuum it lately, it likely has a ton of dirt and grime. Fortunately, you can follow these deep cleaning tips of your car,... [read more]

10 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards To Save You Money This Valentine’s

young woman with valentines card
Your kids are likely looking forward to exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with friends and classmates. Still, you might be less than enthusiastic because of the cost. Fortunately, you can save a ton of money by making your own cards this year. Start by checking out these 10 DIY Valentine’s Day... [read more]

Date Night Never Looked More Delicious At Table 50

Sweet couple having a romantic dinner
Are you looking for a way to elevate date night? That won’t be a problem when you snag reservations at Table 50 in Roanoke, VA. The restaurant has a menu full of delicious, romantic dishes, including the best steak this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Get some more info... [read more]

Keep It Simple With This Easy Chili Recipe

Homemade Chicken Chili with Corn Bread
Everyone should have a good chili recipe that they can bring out during family get-togethers and events. Of course, it’s a bonus if that recipe is simple to make, which is why this easy chili recipe is such a hit. You only have to put in about five minutes of... [read more]

Follow These Tips To Ensure Your Garage Is Clean And Organized

Open Garage With Concrete Driveway
Has your garage turned into a catchall for everything from tools to toys? While it’s nice to have a place to store items, the disorganization can be annoying. Plus, it makes it hard to find what you’re looking for when out in your garage. Fortunately, you can remedy this problem... [read more]