Winter Adventures Around Roanoke

Now that the winter weather has finally arrived, you probably want to get out and enjoy the cold and snow by getting some skiing in. But where should you go? Luckily, there are all kinds of places you can visit around the Roanoke area that are perfect if you are... [read more]

Nickelodeon Night With The Rail Yard Dawgs

It’s cold outside, which means that it’s hockey season. If you are a loyal fan of the Rail Yard Dawgs, then you’re definitely going to want to come out to cheer on your team to victory. That’s why you should come out to Nickelodeon Night with the Rail Yard Dawgs.... [read more]

Make And Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It may seem like every year, you set the same goals, and every year, you let yourself down once again. If you are the kind of person to set New Year’s resolutions, then you are probably trying to improve your life. But it can be hard to make several big... [read more]

Last-Minute Holiday Dishes

last-minute holiday dishes
If you’re hosting the holidays at your home, then you know things can get pretty overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and you want to make sure that it’s all perfect. But that can mean that it’s difficult to spend a bunch of time making food. If you still want... [read more]

Holiday Shopping In Roanoke

The holidays are finally here, and you know what that means: It’s time to shop. You are probably looking for a variety of items for your family members, friends, and coworkers, and you likely don’t want to have to drive around all over the place to get what you need.... [read more]

Have Family Fun When You Go Ice Skating

ice skating in Roanoke
When the temperature finally starts to drop, you may want to start doing activities that get you into the spirit of the season. Wondering what to do? Try ice skating in Roanoke. Not only is it something that the entire family can do together, but it’s a great way to... [read more]

Southwest Virginia Ballet Presents: ‘The Nutcracker’

Every holiday season, you probably enjoy revisiting your favorite holiday stories and performances. And if you love ballet, then “The Nutcracker” is probably at the top of your list. Therefore, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s a performance you see at this time of year. That’s exactly... [read more]

The Roanoke Times Dickens Of A Christmas

Roanoke Times Dickens of a Christmas
Do you want to get out and celebrate the holidays in your community? After all, it’s a time to get together and spend time with people that you may not get to see as much throughout the rest of the year. If that’s something you’re interested in, then you should... [read more]

Enjoy Illuminights Right Here In Roanoke

One of the most magical parts of the holidays is getting to see all the different Christmas lights. Some people make theirs really beautiful, and it is a joy to see. But where should you go if you want to see the most beautiful lights in town? Just head on... [read more]

Some Of The Best Christmas Cookies

Now that the holiday season has rolled around, you probably want to spend some more time in the kitchen baking. After all, there are so many amazing recipes out there, and you may have more time during the holidays than at any other point in the year. But, which kinds... [read more]